Share the Beauty with Referral Rewards!

Jena Huffman Director of Marketing + Communications 03.28.2016
Jena Huffman
Director of Marketing + Communications 03.28.2016

A $20 Referral Reward can be yours! And here's how...

We’re excited to share our Referral Program is back and better.than.EVER! Now your friends/family/co-workers/etc. can enjoy a special offer. And, most importantly, you can too!

The steps are simple…here’s how it goes:

1. You’re in the salon and feeling FAB after an amazing appointment with your favorite professional.

2. Snag up one of these fancy-schmancy Referral Cards from your pro.


3. Tear the card in half. Be sure to jot down the info we’ll need on the front side of the card.

4. Give this baby (the card, I mean) to anyone looking to change up their beauty routine. A new guest is anyone who hasn’t received services at any PENZONE Salon + Spa in one year or more in this department.

She gets 20% off her service, by the way! BONUS!

5. Within a week of your friend’s appointment, a $20 Referral Reward email will be waiting in your inbox to enjoy!

Now that, my friends, is BEAUTIFUL.


There’s no limit to the number of Referral Rewards YOU can receive. Just keep sending friends our way and we’ll keep sending rewards to you. <3

Spread the good word. Share the beauty. And, get rewarded!