Quarantine Skin Care Routine: Zoom Sesh

Harper Licensed Esthetician + Makeup Artist 04.20.2020
Licensed Esthetician + Makeup Artist 04.20.2020

Four weeks into social distancing, we hosted a live zoom sesh to give our guests a little inspiration. Maybe you've found yourself without your favorite product, furrier than normal, or MAYBE you're even thinking about how you can glow up during quarantine.

If you missed the live opportunity, we got you covered. Take a watch here to learn about some of the basics you can do to take care of your skin.

Prior to the Zoom Sesh, we gathered burning questions from those who attended. Stress breakouts and skin dryness were two of the most common concerns that were posed. Since we aren’t back in the salon quite yet, (soon!) here are a couple quick and easy at-home masks that you can whip up with items from your pantry and fridge! They’re equal parts effective AND delicious.

……..and while you’re getting them ready, DRINK WATER!!! Adding water not only helps your skin look it’s best, it also helps your other organs function properly too. Major win-win!

at home mask for stress or hormonal breakouts: 


4 large pineapple chunks or 1/2 cup canned, drained pineapple

3 TBSP olive oil

The key to controlling breakouts is to utilize ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties paired with strong protein digestive enzymes. Pineapple is great for breakouts because it contains high amounts of bromelain, which helps get rid of dead skin cells and dirt that are the main causes of clogged pores. The healing property of olive oil helps restore the skins surface, as well as being a great source of Vitamin E.

at home mask for dryness or dehydration: 


1/2 cup heavy cream

1 carrot, cooked and mashed

1 avocado, peeled, pitted and mashed

3 TBSP honey

*PRO TIP: The thicker the consistency of the mask, the more deeply nourishing it will be! 

The combination of beta-carotene rich carrot (high in protective antioxidants), heavy cream (rich in calcium), and avocado (a rich source of Vitamin E), help improve surface dryness and naturally rebuild collagen that we lose over time. Dryness is considerably diminished leaving your skin dewy and fresh. 

These two masks are great additions to most skin regimens, but don’t forget the power of drinking water. Not only does it help your skin look it’s best, it helps to keep the rest of your body working the way it should be. Even if you don’t have all the ingredients on-hand to make these, just pour yourself a big glass of water. Your skin (and your esthetician!) will thank you.