Product Picks of the Month: January 2016

PENZONE Innovation Team 01.24.2016
PENZONE Innovation Team


“Minerals in the Mist Recharge is a wonderful blend of minerals designed to give a pick-me-up. Recharge is loaded with vitamins A and E which are ideal antioxidants designed to reduce stress and recharge the skin’s natural beauty while hydrating and guarding against environmental pollutants.” – Patricia, Esthetician + Makeup Artist | Nail Artist at PENZONE Salon + Spa Polaris.


WHY WE LOVE: This spray is so versatile! Use it after cleansing to keep your skin moisturized, after your makeup routine to set with a dewy finish, OR, to refresh your makeup throughout the day. The essential oils are a treat for your skin, and your nose!

January 2016 Price: $19.20

Original Price: $24Minerals-in-the-Mist-1


“[Minerals in the Mist] is a hydrating spray that locks in moisture and smells amazing. The mists are infused with essentials oils that help calm and soothe the skin to reduce redness. It can be used as s toner, as a finishing spray, to set makeup, or just as a refresher throughout the day. It’s perfect to combat dry, peeling skin in these cold months.” – Catalina, Esthetician + Makeup Artist | Nail Artist at PENZONE Salon + Spa Short North.


“This product is amazing. Not only does it take away static immediately, but it also conditions and softens the hair at the same time!” – Shane, Director at PENZONE Salon + Spa Dublin


WHY WE LOVE: Winter can be tough on your hair. This dry conditioning spray uses Sunflower and Jojoba oil to keep your hair hydrated and conditioned (and smelling good, too), all while taming those dreaded fly-aways and taming frizz.

January 2016 Price: $14.40

Original Price: $18

Alterna Bamboo Anti Static



“I love the [Bamboo Anti-Static] spray a lot! It’s difficult to maintain hair with all the static this dry season, and it keeps the hair lying as it should without greasing out. I even sprayed it on my dry hands! Can’t wait to see how it does in the humid season!” – Gwen, Designer at PENZONE Salon + Spa Short North


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