PODCAST: The Wonder Jam with Allie Lehman + Adam Lehman

PENZONE Podcast 09.21.2020

Join Debbie for a cozy conversation with Adam + Allie Lehman, co-founders of The Wonder Jam.

The Wonder Jam is a brood of brands that help scrappy, soulful businesses grow: Basis helps retail brands build online experiences, Wonderly is a branding agency for small businesses that offer “exceedingly special services,” and Studio J is space for our community’s best photographers and videographers.

But what do all of these brands have in common?

A common set of values — values that leave no room for BS in relationships or communication — and a team of wonderfully creative people who truly care about their community and the people who they work with. And that team is led by our guests Adam and Allie Lehman, who founded The Wonder Jam in 2013.

Our relationship with Adam and Allie began when Debbie started working on her passion project: L I T Life + Yoga. They helped take Debbie’s vision and make it beautiful, and it gave her the foundation to build a wonderful brand. Then they helped us re-create our brand as PENZONE Salons + Spas, a transformation that involved so much more than a new logo.

Today, we dig into the creation of this unique family business, how Adam + Allie’s beautiful relationship has flourished over the last seven years, and their approach to helping businesses transform and grow.


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