PODCAST: Shed Your Shoulds, Trust Your Gut with Regan Walsh

PENZONE Podcast 07.5.2021

Executive coach, life coach, and author, Regan Walsh, reveals how a breakthrough mid-work-meeting changed the course of her life forever, and the ways we can all tap into our intuitive needs to live out our best lives unapologetically.

You only have one life.

Yet, we’re programmed to make decisions based on external factors – so many of which go against our burning desires. Consequently, we are left feeling deflated and swallowing the lump of doubt in our throats. If you’ve ever looked around and thought, “Is this it?” then you probably could do with a life coach – or, at the very least, listen to this week’s inspiring episode with life coach and executive coach Regan Walsh.

Regan knows firsthand what it’s like to be living inauthentically, having spent years in the life she thought she should lead. Once she was able to tune into her intuition and make bold, brave choices – such as walking away from a corporate job four days into the role – she manifested the life and relationship of her dreams. Now she helps hundreds of women hone in on their gifts and life purpose and has published her first book, “Heart Boss,” to get her message out even further. 

We delve into her fascinating life story and the transformations that have shaped her thriving business and sense of self. Then, we explore how you can untangle yourself from a web of shoulda-woulda-coulda and start living your best life right now!


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