PODCAST: Plants + Purposeful Living with Greendigs

PENZONE Podcast 04.12.2021

We connected with the team behind Greendigs, a thriving plant concept studio in Columbus, Ohio.

Greendigs cultivates a conscious community of diverse growers from their sanctuary-style plant studio in Columbus, Ohio. With an elevated and thoughtful offering that includes plant-based cooking and design, botanical mixology and events, they’ve found innovative and inspiring ways for everyone to connect with Mother Nature. 

No green thumb? No problem. Greendigs is a place where people can go to learn how to properly plant and repot their houseplants, get their hands dirty, and learn about different species, their benefits, and nutritional needs.

Debbie chats with Elisa and Patti, the dynamic duo behind this growing brand, to discuss the different ways you can connect with plants and share tips on how to keep your indoor gardens thriving.


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