PODCAST: Myths of Being Human with Brandi Lust

PENZONE Podcast 03.30.2020

Brandi Lust shares how we can create organizations that facilitate connection and practical tools for bringing more mindfulness into every aspect of our lives, even if we only have a few minutes.

Human connection is important in every aspect of our lives, but the social structures of the modern world aren’t always set up to facilitate connection — especially in the extraordinary circumstances we currently find ourselves in during the coronavirus pandemic.

So we wanted to share this conversation with one of Ohio’s foremost mindfulness experts, Brandi Lust, who helped us create the new PENZONE concept and L I T Life + Yoga. Brandi is also the author of Myths of Being Human: Four paths to connect with what matters. Connecting with what matters has never been more important or more difficult, but Brandi has some great advice and mindfulness exercises that you can start doing while you listen to the episode.

Brandi has seen and experienced the ways that stress, overwhelm, burnout, and disconnection impact our quality of life and damage communities. She has dedicated herself to making work more meaningful and effective for everyone, in large part by helping to bake mindfulness right into an organization’s DNA. We know that PENZONE wouldn’t be the same without her, and we hope that more leaders are able to listen to this episode, pick up her book, and realize the ways they can create workplaces that meet basic human needs without sacrificing performance or innovation.


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