PODCAST: More Than a Fresh Cut at RRC with Micah Campbell + Joe Sam

PENZONE Podcast 08.24.2020

Royal Rhino Club Barbershop & Lounge is more than just a place to get a shave. Learn about our offerings beyond barbering and the community that keeps coming back to visit.

PENZONE opened Royal Rhino Club Barbershop & Lounge in May of 2017 to put a modern touch on the lost art of old-world barbering. We took the highly respected barbering craft and added today’s freshest techniques to create an atmosphere + experience unlike anything else in Columbus, adding a modern twist to the barber shoppes of yore.

That experience all begins with grooming experts like our guest Micah Campbell, who has been a fixture on the Royal Rhino Club team since it opened. 

We’ve always prided ourselves on being more than just a cut or shave, though. We’re a safe haven for members of our community; a place where people can let their guards down and just be.

So we also invited Joe Sam, a loyal guest of Micah and a familiar face from “Good Day Columbus,” to join the episode and share how our offerings go beyond barbering and why you might want to come down just for a local brew, a custom cocktail dreamed up by Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, and some of the best bourbon in town — or to get a facial (that’s right, men get facials too)!


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