PODCAST: Investing in Your Skincare

PENZONE Podcast 12.7.2020

Learn about the wide array of skincare services offered at PENZONE, along with some tips and tricks to stay on top of your skincare game

It’s been a hard year, but you made it through. And you know what? You deserve to treat yourself with the gift of glow!

Investing in your skincare can boost your confidence, simplify your daily routine, and it just makes you feel better — plus, a little glow never hurts!

One of the biggest things in skin care right now is permanent and semi-permanent makeup, so Debbie sat down with Sunny + Sophia, who are both estheticians and makeup artists on the PENZONE skincare team, to compare what these services are and who can most benefit from them. You might be surprised how natural permanent makeup can look — and how many of your friends already have it!

Sunny + Sophia’s favorite ways to invest in their skin:

  • Permanent makeup can be used to camouflage various skin injuries or just to make sure you have that perfect look as soon as you get out of bed. These services include eyebrows, eyeliner, eyelash enhancement, lips, scar camouflage, and areola restoration – especially for breast cancer patients.
  • Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup that improves or creates eyebrow definition (and it’s surprisingly relaxing). It’s all about the brows – it’s the majority of what we see now as we’re all wearing masks! 🙂 
  • Dermaplaning is a simple, safe procedure designed to exfoliate the epidermis and rid the skin of fine vellus hair (AKA peach fuzz). It helps you achieve an instant glow and makes your skincare products soak in easier.
  • Arctic Berry Radiance Peel is a four-step treatment that combines three types of exfoliation to provide maximum results. 

The three skincare products everyone needs:


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Debbie [00:00:06] Welcome to From the Outside in, I’m your host, Debbie Penzone, this episode with Sunny and Sophia skincare artists at Penzone Salon and Spa Dublin was recorded virtually on Zoom. In today’s episode, you’ll hear about the wide array of skin care services offered at Hendon, along with some helpful tips and tricks on how to stay on top of your skincare game. So without further ado, let’s meet today special guest and tell us a little bit about yourself and your career here at Penzone. 

Debbie [00:00:43] So let’s go ahead and get started with you, Sunny. 

Sunny [00:00:47] Hi, everyone, I’m Suneetha Sy. I have started with the company when I was in my thirties. And it’s been twenty nine years of my journey and I have seen lots of tremendous changes in the company as well as in the beauty industry, and I would say I have a really great, great relationship with clients as well as with the Penzone family. And I achieved a lot in the company. Unbelievable, and I’m very thankful to Mr. and Mrs. Penzone for that. 

Debbie [00:01:28] Oh, well, we appreciate you. And I’d love to see all of those years that you’ve been with us and how you’ve grown and how you have just become just a wealth of knowledge for the skin care community and for the beauty industry.  So we’re so fortunate to have you all these years with us. But I still say you still look a thirty girl. Must be all that good skincare. Right. 

Sunny [00:01:56] I started when I was 30, so I feel a little old. 

Debbie [00:02:01] No, no, no. We’re all keep we’re all keeping an age list here at Penzone. And I think that’s the beauty of our industry. So thank you so much for being with us all those years, honey. Let’s hear you, Sophia, a little bit about your career and a little bit about you. 

Sophia [00:02:19] Hi, I’m Sophia. I’ve been with the company a little over seven years now. I just got promoted to a master plan. Exciting. Yes, I see a lot of clients here, but I love doing my hair blading, planning, love seeing the beauty industry involved. Yeah. Thank you for having me. 

Debbie [00:02:40] You’re welcome. We’re going to talk all things beauty and skin care. So and Sunny, let’s take it a step further. You’re trained in permanent makeup, and I definitely benefit from my beautiful eyeliner, my permanent makeup that I don’t know what. I could not live without it. I love it, love it, love it each and every day. So let’s go ahead. And can you talk about permanent makeup and the different types of permanent cosmetics that we offer? 

Sunny [00:03:13] Permanent makeup is like a form of tattoo, cosmetic tattoo, and it has really benefit a lot of people, those who really have a busy day to day and can’t put their eyeliner on. And like they can see well or their eye tear. Especially for the athletes, they love it, they go workout and stuff, it’s like they don’t have to worry about putting any makeup on. So it’s it’s really benefited a lot to lots of people in lots of different ways. And people feel like you wake up with the makeup. That’s a great feeling. That’s one of the great feelings that people who get it done and they feel it afterwards. And there are different people that benefit a lot with this, like people, those who have alopecia, those who were born with a scar or different scars on their body. So we camouflage them with the permanent makeup. And it helps a lot to those people who has eyebrows like thinning or their eyebrows are faded. So we do lots of eyebrows, micro bleeding as well as permanent eyebrows also. So this is like helping a lot with the people who have breast cancer and I have done a lots of ariela also, that really boost up there like, you know, living of life because they do feel that they have a color there. And it’s really a great, great, great camouflage for those people who has breast augmentation and etc.. 

Debbie [00:05:17] Yeah, I know with you, I just wanted to kind of give a shout out. I kind of did a little bit about my eyeliner. But for sure, when you talked about exercising, you know, for me, when I do my hot yoga classes and you’re sweating and everything like that, it’s really amazing that I don’t have to worry about it because my eyeliner is right there, still on at the end of the class. 

Sunny [00:05:42] I  really enjoy doing this because it is like emotional journey also. Yeah. For the people that you help them, you know, alopecia people, Ariela, those kind of thing really makes me feel good inside that I am really putting some joy in their life doing that. And I would like to do more of that down the road. Definitely. 

Sophia [00:06:09] Well, great for us to be able to share the why behind the makeup so that more and more guests can understand it and get to really come in for a consultation and hear a little bit more about maybe they’re good candidate or something like that. Done. 

Debbie [00:06:27] Now, Sophia, I know you and Sunny both offer similar services in the room, but I know you both also have extra different certifications and training. So let’s talk all things microblogging. Can you share a little bit about microblogging and how that services perform? 

Sophia [00:06:47] Yeah, so microblogging is a semipermanent makeup or attached to it last two to three years, depending on how your skin heals, how you take care of it. You can come back once a year and do a color boost. It’s great for people who have sparse eyebrows or no eyebrows at all. The great thing about microblogging is it looks really natural. So we create hair, light strokes on your natural eyebrows. 

Sophia [00:07:14] And before we even like microblade, you get to pick the color, the shape, you approve everything. So nothing is a surprise, which is nice. 

Debbie [00:07:24] I know I’ve seen it before where you actually kind of get to draw, you know, those little strokes and you can fill it in and see what it looks like before you actually experience the microblading. 

Sophia [00:07:36] Yes. So when you come for a second appointment as well, so then you get the final result after six to eight weeks and then you’re going to go for two years. 

Debbie [00:07:48]  I love following you on Instagram, able to see so many of the before and after is that you do and what a difference know it’s all about that power grab. 

Sophia [00:08:01] Yes. It’s so satisfying to see no eyebrows, to feel old brow. 

Debbie [00:08:07] Yeah. I really think it’s that the corner of that little arch of the brow. Yeah. And as we age, so many of us women seem to lose that or it really gets thinned out. 

Debbie [00:08:20] Oh yeah. I mean it instantly adds and eyelift to people as well because you’re drawing that arch up a little higher. So people are like, why do I look so different? Like you just raised your eyebrows lifting everything up. Who doesn’t need an eye lift right now, especially wearing the mask? It’s all about the eyes. 

Sophia [00:08:37] Yes, for sure. 

Debbie [00:08:39] OK, like side by side. What are the similarities and the differences between the permanent makeup and the microblading. 

Sophia [00:08:49] Microblading is only meant to last two or three years at the most and permanent is meant to last forever. 

Sophia [00:08:56] Even with the permanent. I think you can still come in and get a touch up once a year, I think. Sunny is correct. But yeah, that’s pretty much the difference. 

Debbie [00:09:04] OK, yes. Sunny, can you let us know what you’re seeing with the permanent makeup, with touch ups and the consultations that you have? 

Sunny [00:09:14] For me, it’s like when people come forward that they know that it’s going to last a little bit longer and then microblading, but it is both our tattoos permanent and the micro bleeding we use like a digital machine in the permanent makeup. So versus like, you know, that way it’ll last longer and it goes down to the dermis. That is why it is permanent. But you still need a touch up for permanent makeup also. Down the road, it does fade also, so it is more precise, you can see more prominent if you do the eyeliner with the permanent digital machine. So people do prefer for eyeliners and the permanent makeup was just like people will say, microblading is like they use the different method they use, like handheld machine, like a tool. 

Sunny [00:10:32] We use the blade for micro bleeding versus permanent makeup. We use the needles with the machine. So that is the big difference between microblading and a permanent makeup. 

Debbie [00:10:46] Yeah, and I’d love to see I know we’ll hopefully have the opportunity to get to see the day of you when you get the procedure and the service and and get to see the end result. 

Debbie [00:10:58] I know you both have some amazing models and also customers that you have to perform the service on. And I’d love to see some of those before and after that weekend. 

Debbie [00:11:09] I think what we wanted to like this is it’s up one time right now where people are willing to kind of invest in their beauty now because they’re not traveling, they don’t have vacations. And and this is the one thing I think that makes such a huge difference for me with the mask now that you both talked about not just the eyeliners, but also the power brow it’s all about. So  it’s been a wonderful service for us to be able to spotlight and offer in the salon. 

Sunny [00:11:48] It’s like waking up with make up Debbie, you don’t have to put it on the go. 

Debbie [00:11:56] Yes, and by the way, too, I don’t think a lot of people realize how natural it is. They probably don’t realize how many of the friends and family members have gotten it done. 

Sunny [00:12:18] And the family members don’t even know that they got it done. It is that natural.

Debbie [00:12:23] Yes, I agree with that. OK, there are so many other services between that that we offer a real variety of an investment in your skin care from just like the eighteen dollar eyebrow arch as well. That can be a total day maker because that’s also an instant eye lift. But what are some other skin care services that literally you could not live without that we offer? 

Sophia [00:12:52] Yes, I love dermaplane. It’s like my favorite service here that I offer. Like any time someone comes in, they’re looking for instant glow and like you, you won’t regret it. It makes your skin care products sink in easier and your makeup will go on like butter the next day ,it’s just amazing. 

Debbie [00:13:11] So it’s such a buzz word. Can you explain a little bit about the dermaplane? 

Sophia [00:13:16] So we use surgical blades. It sounds scary, but it’s not. But we scrape your head, your cheeks and your chin. I even go down the neck a little bit on some clients, then we put a mask on and then you’re good to go for four weeks. Smooth skin with no peachfuzz gets off all the dead skin. 

Debbie [00:13:35] I know that is something that’s always on my list. It makes a huge difference in how your makeup goes on and just the blow that your skin has. And it is so relaxing. I fall asleep. 

Sophia [00:13:46] I know it actually it doesn’t sound like it’s relaxing because you have a knife on your skin, but it’s really relaxing. 

Debbie [00:13:52] And Sunny, what would be a service for you that you couldn’t live without? 

Sunny [00:13:56] I love the arctic berry peel facial. I just love it. That’s my favorite facial. It has like everything in it. We exfoliant plus we just take care of the people who have like sun damage is definitely the surface of our texture also. It has everything in one facial. So I really pretty much every one of my clients, I tell them to get teh arctic berry facial peel and that’s my favorite. 

Debbie [00:14:37] OK, and with that, let’s pick one or I guess you could say two products. That you couldn’t live without, that you highly recommend. People to invest in for their skin care. 

Sunny [00:14:53] I would definitely say that the basic the most basic product everybody should have is that exfoliant cleanser as well as the antioxidant SPF 30 that we have from Jan Marini. Those are two products that definitely I would say somebody says, hey, I just am looking for only two products that is my to go product. And it will exfoliate their skin daily while using the cleanser as well as it will. They put that antioxidant SPF 30 moisturizer and it helps from the sun also because it is SPF 30 three. So definitely those two products are my two go product for every customer. 

Sophia [00:15:46] Sophia, do you have one or two that you highly recommend? 

Sophia [00:15:50] Yes, mine would be the Jan Marini clear lotion, especially with everyone wearing the mask and getting them asked me to help. So much with texture or breakouts has three different acids in it. You can use it morning and night. It will smooth your skin. And then also with Sunny the Jan Marini SPF 30. It’s a must. You have to have it on every single day, even if it’s cloudy outside you have to have it on. 

Debbie [00:16:17] And I think that that’s so important to talk about and really stress that even if it is cloudy and not sunny out, it’s just an every day must to be protected from the sun. 

Sophia [00:16:31] Yeah, definitely. 

Debbie [00:16:33] OK, we’ve been back in the salons, and I can’t believe this, over about six months now, providing this, you know, new luxury: Safety. And we’d love to hear a little bit from both of you about how are we making the skin care services both safe for you as well as our guests that come in the salons and spas. 

Sophia [00:17:00] Well, everyone’s wearing a mask if the guest is not wearing a mask, don’t we keep our mask on as well as shields? Everything is getting sprayed down in between clients, which I thought we did before anyways. We have always been really clean, but now super, super clean. And we have the guest wash their hands, too, when they enter the room. 

Sophia [00:17:20] So extremely safe, I think. 

Debbie [00:17:23] And Sunny. 

Sunny [00:17:25] Well, I just make sure that every customer, after they leave each and every countertop should be to wiped. Doornobs, I’m just a little freak about it, my lamp. Everything should be disinfected. And I wear a mask as well as I wear face shield to protect my clients. And I make sure that they wear masks when they are laying down until we finish our conversation consultation. So they do respect and they do wear masks. And untill we start the services and definitely the company is doing a great job. So I’m still here working from June. 

Debbie [00:18:15] And within the six months, don’t stop. We just continue. To add to those safety protocols and today every one of our salons as of today, just got brand new air purification systems in each salon and spa location. Called the airwave, which we’re so excited because it eliminates ninety nine point four percent of all airborne pathogens, including the coronavirus in our rooms and in the entire salon and spa location. 

Debbie [00:18:56] So I’m so proud, of course, and honored to be able to provide that not just for our guests, but most importantly for us, for you guys. We want that safe work environment and we’re so, so blessed to be able to provide that and continue to really focus on that. Safety is the new luxury. 

Debbie [00:19:21] I’d love for you guys to share if somebody is interested and this sparks some interest in micro blading, our permanent makeup, what would be the steps that they would need to take to investigate a little bit more or to find out more from each of you? 

Sophia [00:19:39] And they could book a consultation to come in where we can look at their eyebrows, ask them questions if they’re using blood thinners, fish oil, and if they are the when to stop using it before their appointment and just make sure they’re a great candidate before the appointment. 

Debbie [00:19:57] What would they if somebody wanted to meet with you and talk about permanent makeup and see if they’re a good candidate? Sunny, what would be the first step? Do they make a consultation with you? 

Sunny [00:20:08] Right! Any permanent makeup services we do. We do consultation first, we check they are coming for eyeliner. We do check the shape of their eyes, their daily routine. What are they like? Are they using any kind of eye drops or any kind of eye surgery that they might have had, so it’s all so many things are concerned, connected with the permanent makeup, and they come for the eyeliner. And for the lip, yes, we if they have a fever blister or often coming back, so we tell them to be like take some medication, prior to that. So then they are fine. They don’t have any issue of swelling or anything. So permanent makeup yes, you have to do a really good consultation about their health history. And then comes for the shape and the color that we discuss in the consultation, and that’s how we decide. How dramatic they want, how natural they want. Some people come and they just get their eyeliner very natural, and then six months to a year passed by and they say, I want more dramatic. 

Debbie [00:21:27] Yes, I think that’s what I did. I was the candidate that definitely started out the more natural, the better. And then, of course, about, I think it was maybe six months or so, I’m like, I want more, I want more. 

Sunny [00:21:41] Pretty much everyone comes and says that about the eyeliner.  I did my own eyeliner and the it’s amazing. I love it. You wake up in the morning and I don’t have to put anything there. So I tell all of my guests, hey, you wake up with makeup, just come and get it done. 

Debbie [00:22:03] Yeah, yeah, I love that so for our listeners. If they wanted to follow you, because you are both on Instagram and Facebook. Can you share with us how they can follow you to see some of your amazing work that you do right now? 

Sunny [00:22:23] It can find me on the Penzone website as well as on Instagram and Facebook, I have my account. So when they come, I tell them my you know, my name and my company so they can follow me there and they can see my work. And I when they come for consultation, I showed them in my phone all my work that I did in the past, before and after pictures, and that’s how they get more confidence in technician. 

Debbie [00:22:58] Yes. 

Sophia [00:22:58] And see if you can find me on the Penzone website or my Instagram name is @sophiaatpenzone. And there I post before and afters of eyebrows, facial services and stuff like that. Products that I like too. 

Debbie [00:23:16] OK, great. Well, it’s been such a wonderful day to share both of your stories and to really get an insight about permanent makeup and micro blading and all things skin care, because it truly does make you feel good from the outside in. 

Debbie [00:23:32] So thank you, Sunny. And so I loved spotlighting you, and I’m so proud of both of you. 

Sophia [00:23:39] Thank you so much. 

Sunny [00:23:40] Thank you so much. 

Debbie [00:23:43] Thank you for listening to from the outside in. Please subscribe to the show on Apple podcast Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. For more information, you can follow me on Instagram @debbiepenzone. I’m Debbie Penzone. You are exactly who you need to be.