PODCAST: Giving Back to Our Community

PENZONE Podcast 01.4.2021

Dress for Success is an incredible non-profit empowering women to achieve economic independence. Listen to learn how they might be able to support you and how you can support their mission.

Today we want to spotlight a nonprofit that’s near and dear to our hearts: Dress for Success.

The Dress for Success mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence — no matter who you are, what you look like, or what your circumstances are — and they accomplish this by offering free-of-charge Suiting, Career Center, and Employment Retention programs.

And the incredible person leading all of this in the Columbus area is our guest Angel Harris. Angel got her first professional opportunities because other women saw her willingness to work hard and opened doors for her that, otherwise, she wouldn’t even have known existed. So now, Angel passes the gift of empowerment onto others as Executive Director of Dress for Success.

We’re proud to have hosted and supported programs at PENZONE Salon + Spas, and we will continue to support Dress for Success in any way we can throughout 2021.

Are you looking for help with finding a job, interviewing for a job, or keeping a job? Dress for Success has programs to help.

You can text CLIENT to 25456 or visit columbus.dressforsuccess.org to learn more about all of the following programs:

  • Dress for Success recently launched a new program called Interviewing for Success, where women can get an hour of one-on-one coaching from an HR professional via Zoom
  • Once you’ve scheduled an interview, you can get a referral to visit your local Dress for Success boutique. Their volunteers will work with you to help you choose an interview outfit and will also provide guidance and support for the upcoming interview.
  • You can join the Professional Women’s Group (PWG) for ongoing support with your job and career.
  • For girls ages 16-18, Boss Girl is a program designed to help young women prepare for their next steps in life – the workplace, college, or a trade school. 

Dress for Success pivoted in 2020, moving their career development programs online, and they’re actually going to continue offering virtual components to all of their events in the future — because Dress for Success is for every woman, and this just makes their work that much more accessible.

Give back and support Dress for Success

  • Want to help Dress for Success fulfill their mission as a coach, speaker, or teacher? Just text VOLUNTEER to 25456 to learn more.
  • And if you want to support Dress for Success with a gift that will help them help others, you can text EMPOWERHER to 25456.
  • Learn more at columbus.dressforsuccess.org

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