PODCAST: Creating Meaningful Manicures with Girls Like You (GLU) | with Jann + Lila

PENZONE Podcast 05.10.2021

The girls behind Girls Like You (GLU) chat about how they brought their wellness brand to life and why doing your nails is a fantastic opportunity to bond and build community.

Mom-and-daughter duo Jann + Lila bring puberty and pedicures together with Girls Like You (GLU), an inclusive wellness and beauty brand designed to help spark important conversations between girls and their moms. 

They are 18 glorious shades of polish, with super fun names, and every product is clean and non-toxic. We know that being a young girl can be super hard at times, especially when your body and the world are changing at lightning speed, but GLU’s friendly and fun demeanor makes you feel like you don’t have to go through it all alone. 

We discuss the hardships of growing up, high school, and how communication between family and friends is everything, even in a tech-obsessed world. Jann + Lila give us a mini-tutorial on their fantastic selection of nail varnishes and multi-use kits, made for self-care days alone, bonding with mom, unplugging, or even hanging out with girls like you.


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