PODCAST: Creating Magical + Mindful Manicures with Mazz Hanna

PENZONE Podcast 04.26.2021

Celebrity manicurist and founder of the Crystal Healing Manicure, Mazz Hanna, shares how she crafted her spiritual approach to manicures and why her range of crystal-infused elixirs and CBD oils will make you feel incredible from the inside out.

In this episode, I connect with Mazz Hanna, an A-list celebrity manicurist and founder of a line of CBD + crystal elixirs coined after her own namesake, Mazz Hanna. She shares why and how she left her lucrative career in advertising to dedicate herself to her two biggest passions: crystals and nails! 

Her serendipitous jump into the beauty world and spiritually elevated approach to the manicure experience has generated some serious star-pulling power. She’s done nails for the likes of celebrities, such as Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts, Halsey, and Selma Blair. Now, she has created  luxurious, self-care rituals for everyone to experience at home (or your favorite salon), with a line of crystal-infused elixirs that will boost your vibes and make you feel truly fabulous. 

We delve into the juicy details of her high-quality curated range of products and discuss how to intertwine crystal and chakra healing with your daily beauty routine.


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