PODCAST: Columbus Speaks + Resilient Love with Ty + Emily Phillips

PENZONE Podcast 07.27.2020

Learn about how Columbus Speaks is uniting the community to advocate for and engage with those voices that go unheard and how you can participate in Resilient Love: Yoga for Black Lives. #BlackLivesMatter

Earlier this summer, we united with hundreds of local businesses to declare racism a public health emergency in Columbus, Ohio. As a company, PENZONE is committed to using our own brand pillars to guide our own Inclusion + Diversity initiative. We’re in the thick of the work now and we are constantly learning, unlearning, and relearning so that we can contribute positively to this movement.

One of the organizations uniting our community against injustice and hate is Columbus Speaks, a call to action in response to George Floyd being killed by police. In this episode, Debbie sits down with Ty Phillips and Emily Phillips, co-founders of Columbus Speaks, to discuss how they’re creating a platform of advocacy and engagement for those voices that, far too often, go unheard.

Our hope is that everyone listening today learns and grows, even if just a little bit, because we’ve learned that being open and willing to learn is the first step towards change.

Our sister company, L I T LIfe + Yoga, is partnering with Columbus Speaks to put on an incredible online event called Resilient Love: Yoga for Black Lives.

All proceeds from this online community yoga event will benefit The Loveland Foundation, a non-profit focused on providing access to mental health treatment for women and girls in communities of color. 

Yoga is a modality proven to support and improve mental health. The practice transcends race, politics, religion, and societal categorizations to provide an outlet for connection, breath, and feeling without boundaries. Whether you are joining us to find healing in yourself or to provide financial support for others accessing healing, we welcome you to join us in experiencing Resilient Love.


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