PODCAST: Celebrating Girls on the Run of Central Ohio with Jess Sparks

PENZONE Podcast 07.19.2021

Executive Director of Girls on the Run of Central Ohio, Jess Sparks, shares the inspiring vision and mission behind the female-empowering non-profit that helps girls become the best version of themselves through mindful movement and mentorship.

Jess Sparks, Executive Director of Girls on the Run of Central Ohio, has spent the last decade helping girls hit the ground running by creating mindfulness through movement and mentorship.

This incredibly inspiring non-profit has transformed the lives of so many girls – and coaches (myself included) – who learn how to navigate their physical environment, inner-landscape, and relationships with friends and family. This group truly is for everyone, and Jess and the mighty team behind the organization do everything they can to keep it accessible, from offering a sliding scale payment system to fitting(??) the girls out with running shoes to ensure every girl feels included. 

This is a cause that’s very close to my heart. We’ve been supporting Girls on the Run for five years now. I’ve had the honor of coaching and our salons love giving participants “Happy Hair” before their 5k run – a celebration of everything they’ve accomplished over the course of their program. 

If you’re interested in volunteering in their fall season, reach out via their website: girlsontheruncentralohio.org or Instagram: @gotrco to find out how you can help little girls run the world! 


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