PODCAST: An Inside Look at Life at PENZONE with Michelle and Dustin

PENZONE Podcast 08.23.2021

Learn about the career opportunities at PENZONE Salons + Spas and what it’s like to work here from two of our wonderful team members, Michelle and Dustin.

This week’s episode was recorded from our renovated CHARLES PENZONE INCORPORATED Innovation Office, housed at the first Charles Penzone Grand Salon which opened back in 1991!

We spotlight some of our much-loved team members, starting with Michelle, our PENZONE recruiter who has stepped up our recruiting game in the six months she’s been part of the family. She’s joined by Dustin, who has been with us since 2017, and has worked his way up to Shift Coordinator at our Gahanna Salon + Spa. Lastly, we have our intern and future generation PENZONE star, Emma, making a quick appearance to talk about why she’s so excited to gain work experience at the salon. 

We discuss what inspired them to work here in the first place, the most memorable PENZONE moment in their career thus far, and their favorite elements about the brand. 

As the years pass, there is so much progress to be proud of, from our new office headquarters to our brand partnership with Cameron Mitchell catering and continued local and national accolades. It’s all too easy to see how people build their long-term careers at PENZONE Salon + Spas. So much has changed since 1991, but passion for community and growth is in our brand DNA and will never fade!

We’re always on the lookout for bright, shiny talent so tune in to learn how you could be part of the A-team here at PENZONE. 


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