PODCAST: AIReal Yoga with Carmen Curtis + Amy Patterson

PENZONE Podcast 06.15.2020

Carmen Curtis, the founder of AIReal Yoga, shares why she created this unique brand of aerial yoga and the benefits compared to traditional yoga. LIT Life + Yoga Luminary Amy Patterson also discusses how the Columbus community has embraced AIReal Yoga.

We recorded this interview with Carmen Curtis, founder of AIReal Yoga, at LIT Life + Yoga in early March 2020. But due to the health crisis, economic shutdowns, and protests in support of Black Lives Matter over the last few months, we pivoted to both share pertinent health and safety information and allow space for other voices online.

Those problems aren’t magically solved — and we’re continuing to do our best to both ensure the health of our guests and support the BIPOC individuals who are in our community and members of our team — but we also want to celebrate opening the doors of our yoga studio and being able to see our community again.

This is all to say that we are so excited to finally share this conversation with you! Carmen is incredible and AIReal yoga is a truly unique offering in the yoga space, one that we’re proud to offer at LIT Life + Yoga. We’re also joined by Amy Patterson, a Luminary at LIT, to hear about how the Columbus community has embraced AIReal Yoga.

And we have an extra treat for all of you: during the week of June 22, we’ll be hosting an AIReal Yoga Pop-Up at PENZONE Polaris!! Amy will be teaching, along with our studio creative director Babajide. Keep your eyes on our schedule and on Instagram for more info: https://litlifeyoga.com/classes.


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