PODCAST: Learn, Inspire, Teach with Babajide Ogunmola

PENZONE Podcast 03.23.2020

L I T Life + Yoga Luminary Babajide Ogunmola shares how a yoga practice helped him destress and come out of his shell + what a yoga practice can teach you about mindfulness (including a mindfulness exercise you can practice while listening)!

If you’ve ever taken one of Babajide Ogunmola’s classes at L I T Life + Yoga, you would probably never have guessed that he resisted going to his yoga class… for a long time! But when he did hit the mat for the first time, it changed the direction of his life forever, even if he did fall out of child’s pose and blind himself with sweat.

Athletics and fitness had always been part of his life, but yoga hit different — and it revealed the stress that he’d been holding onto for who knows how long.

After Babajide started noticing how the practice was affecting him, he nerded out: he learned the physiology and philosophy behind the different movements, tuned his body, and trained as a teacher. The process of learning and practicing continued to transform him, coaxing him out of his shell and into a community.

And we are so happy for it because Babajide adds so much to our family at L I T and to all of the people who come through our doors!


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