Achieve Brow Perfection With Powder Brows

Sunny Senior Esthetician & Licensed Micropigmentation Specialist 07.10.2017
Senior Esthetician & Licensed Micropigmentation Specialist 07.10.2017

Read up on the hottest trend to achieve the perfect brows now available at The Charles Penzone Grand Salon in Dublin. And, hear directly from a guest who has enjoyed every benefit from this amazing service!

What is all the buzz about? Powder Brows. You may have heard this phrase but may not be entirely certain what it is. (You’re not alone.) Perhaps you’ve seen an IG pic or two of someone with beautifully shaped brows. You’re a step closer to understanding what this magical little service is and how it can be a big benefit to your beauty routine. In this blog, we’re going to let you in on the secret of Powder Brows – now available at The Charles Penzone Grand Salon in Dublin. Even better yet, you’ll have the chance to hear from one of our real life guests – all holds barred. It’s safe to say you’ll be in the know after this one-two-punch of knowledge.

Powder Brows at The Charles Penzone Grand Salon in Dublin

Powder Brows are the latest trend in semi-permanent makeup. To frame the face with perfectly shaped brows, two colors are used to create a natural look with depth and dimension – fading from light to dark. The technique differs from Permanent Cosmetics or Microblading in that we create a misty, powder-filled brow with shading techniques, similar to the look of makeup.  Results of ombré brows last longer than other semi-permanent makeup services – approximately 2 years.

We realize the idea of a semi-permanent tattoo on your face may be a bit intimidating. But trust us – once you get serious about this service, it becomes a lot less intimidating. If the thought of saying goodbye to filling in your brows every.single.morning is appealing to you, you’ll get here in a hurry.


The process is very intentional.

  • STEP 1: A consultation. We’ll get together, discuss your beauty goals, and determine the best service to achieve them.
  • STEP 2: Using makeup, I’ll artfully draw the shape of your brows for your approval.
  • STEP 3: You’ll select the color that you’d like your brows to be.
  • STEP 4: I get to work.
  • STEP 5: You’ll LOVE your brows!


Want to hear what all of this really means? Here, Marian G. shares about what motivated her to explore Powder Brows (and Designer Eyeliner), what the service was like, and how her life has been improved since getting these services done.


I’ve introduced the Powder Brow technique to achieve a soft brow with a powdered body and a sharp, defined lower line. The end result will be beautifully defined brows that will last for months!

Semi-Permanent Makeup at The Charles Penzone Grand Salon in Dublin

The Powder Brow (manual shading) service can be combined with other semi-permanent makeup techniques for the most defined look possible. To create the perfect brow arch to frame the face, hair-like strokes are artistically drawn with a hand tool to mimic the natural hairs in the brows. The shading techniques found in Powder Brows complete this service for beautiful, full-looking brows.


Below, see the amazing BEFORE and AFTER of Marian’s services:

Charles Penzone Microblading - Before




Not all of us were blessed with perfectly full brows. Technology and advancements in aesthetics can help you achieve the look that will help you look and feel like the best version of YOU!

Interested in Powder Brows or other permanent makeup offerings, schedule a $50 consultation with me. When you schedule your service, that $50 will be applied to the permanent cosmetics service you receive. Let’s chat, discuss which service is right for your lifestyle, and uncover how these services can benefit your beauty routine and your life!