New At PENZONE: amika!

Cece Designer 09.20.2021
Designer 09.20.2021

Hi i'm new! I'm amika! For every hair type, texture + style.

You’ve probably seen amika around, maybe their social media, or maybe even on TikTok.

Aside from the eye-catching, color blasting packaging catered towards each individual collection, let’s break down why this product line continues to impress and adapt to our ever-changing industry. 

diving into the formula. 

First and foremost, as stylists, we care about what’s going into your hair just as much as you do. In my opinion, I think what you’re using on your hair and how you’re taking care of it at home is just as, if not more important than what we do in the Salon. We only get to treat your hair every 6-8 weeks, you care for your hair EVERY DAY. With that, amika checks all of our boxes when it comes to CLEAN hair, quite literally. No sulfates, no parabens, no alcohols, or any other yucky ingredients you might question. Each bottle is packed with tons of all natural ingredients, including “superfruit,” which contains fatty acid omega 7. Your hair will THANK you for that delicious-ness. Oh, did I mention cruelty free and 100% recyclable?! What more could you want from a brand?

who is amika?

I think the most comforting feeling is knowing that there is an option in this line for every hair type or concern. Our hair is picky, we like what we like, and with 10 different collections with all different focuses, you can be rest assured you’ll be getting the best passenger for your hair journey. Each collection is precisely focused on your wants and needs to make your daily routine easier. 

what are these collections?

Signature – hydration essentials for every stage in your hair care routine.

Detox – hit reset: cleanse, exfoliate, remove build-up + excess oil for a total scalp + hair refresh.

Repair – ultra-luxurious + moisturizing formulas made with bond cure technology + plant butters to help revitalize dry, damaged hair.

Smooth – achieve the smooth hair of your dreams that’s frizz-free with time-released humidity protection.

Color – for color vibrancy + shine. Made with UV filters and antioxidants to keep color on lock.

Blonde – formulated with bond cure technology to bring blonde strands back to life, and ultra-violet pigments to tone + brighten

Texture – create effortless styles from tousled tresses to beachy waves—no bed or beach needed.

Volume – amplify your style with plumping polymers for long-lasting lift + body.

Curl – lightweight, moisturizing formulas that enhance, hydrate and smooth for bouncy, beautiful curls + coils that last.

Hold – from flexible to “you’re not going anywhere” crunch-free formulas made to prolong your style.

some of my personal favs.

Being a blonde specialist (and a blonde myself) I typically have two focal points in my craft —> neutralizing yellow/golden tones + maintaining the health of your hair. Amika features a collection called  “bust your brass” that has a shampoo, conditioner, + a repair mask that are all, you guessed it, PURPLE. They also have toning “drops” which are an extremely unique way to add that quick tone you need to your daily shampoo. We LOVE that!

Another favorite product of mine, and also what I would call a “staple” to your hair routine, is their “soulfood nourishing mask.” This is an easy pick-me up mask you can use in place of your conditioner for an extra boost of hydration to those parched ends. 

Lastly, we as hair artists recommend not to wash your hair everyday, with that being said, some of us NEED a good dry shampoo to make it through the week. Made with rice starch instead of aluminum, you can surely feel SAFE while using the Perk Up Dry Shampoo, while also feeling clean and refreshed. 

all in all… everyone needs amika in their life.

Of all the beauty, cleanliness, and hype to amika’s products, the first thing (and an added bonus) that all of my guests point out immediately is the SMELL. Almost all of their products have a signature smell that you will FALL in love with in addition to the other amazing qualities the brand has to offer. Long story short, no matter your current hair care comfort zone, amika is a MUST ADD to your daily routine! 

Pick up amika products in your favorite salon location next time you visit or online at!