Mind + Body Melt Massage

PENZONE Innovation Team 08.22.2022
PENZONE Innovation Team

A massage for your mind, body + spirit.

Our new Mind + Body Melt Massage is an experience from start to finish – leaving both your mind + body feeling relaxed + rejuvenated.

step one: blue dream spray.

You’ll start by walking into your spa room and being surrounded by the calming scent of LEEF Blue Dream Spray – a terpene infused botanical blend. Next, we’ll chat through which areas you’re feeling need targeted.

Massage Revive Salve

step two: revive salve.

From there, we’ll begin with the LEEF Revive Salve + apply that to those areas in need of restoration. As the salve begins to saturate your muscles + joints, the soreness, tension and discomfort will begin to diminish from your body.

step three: revival body oil.

Next, we’ll introduce LEEF Revival Body Oil to re-lengthen + soften your muscles. Bonus! Your skin will benefit from the deeply nourishing botanical + herbal blend, too.

Mind + Body Melt Massage

step four: sport.

To further heighten your muscle relief, we’ll apply LEEF Sport to your focus areas. You’ll immediately notice your aches + pains feeling cooled + soothed.

step five: ultimate relaxation.

Once we finish your massage, we’ll offer you a W*nder beverage of your choosing and allow you to unwind with a meditative moment and our Bearaby Weighted Blanket.

If you’re looking to give a new therapist a try, we’d love for you to experience this massage with one of us! If you already have your go-to therapist, they’ll be able to treat you to our latest + greatest massage innovation.

Mary + Kendall