Fall//Winter 2017 Trends Collection

Photo Shoot Team 09.25.2017
Photo Shoot Team

Aside from a great cut, color, or style, with our Fall//Winter 2017 Trends Collection, we wanted to show that any single style can shift to suit whatever you need. Need a professional, work-appropriate look by day? No problem! We’ll get you there AND show you how you can have fun with that style by wearing it in multiple ways. More to come on that in the series of blogs to follow.


Before we get into the specifics, how about a quick peek behind the scenes:



Fall//Winter Hair and Makeup 2017

Curls, A Low Pony + Glam Waves – all goes this season!




Take the change of seasons as an opportunity to GO FOR IT! Make your blonde PLATINUM, your red COPPER or your brown rich and CHOCOLATE. OR, go for it with a full-on fashion color.  Adding subtle dimension with babylights, no matter what the color, is a sure way to get a natural look that people are bound to compliment.



Like last season, all lengths go from pixies, to mid-length lobs, to uber-long lengths. Anything look familiar this season? Why, yes – of course. Many of these cuts are a throwback to the classics. Think simple, and minimal, but anything but boring. That’s where the style comes in. (Refer to our next point.)



Style is the inspiration behind our entire Fall//Winter 2017 campaign. Just because your hair is cut in a certain way doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way. The fun of the season is that your hair, regardless of the length, can be styled in many ways to suit the many “yous.” Go from straight & sleek, to flat waves, to a pony, to a top knot – from day to day or day to night. There’s no one style that needs to define you. Just be YOU. Our team of experts will gladly show you how to make.this.happen!


Long locks styled 4 ways! Fall//Winter 2017

SNEAK PEEK: Long locks styled 4 ways! Fall//Winter 2017




Soft and netural shades are here to stay for the season. But unlike the season before, these tones are pale and dusty. Pink tones can be used on the eyes lips, and most importantly, across the cheeks for a healthy flush of color.



We’ll take ALL the metalics this Fall and Winter. There’s not a single metallic color that’s more popular than the next. But one thing’s for sure, sweep a single or a few metallic tones across your lids and you’ll be spot-on for the season.



When it doubt, berry it out. Deep shades of berry were seen all across the runway and are packed into our collection. Think shades of purple, blackened plum, burgundy, berry red, blackened cherry, or merlot. Pair it with soft makeup or amp it up for an evening of glam with a smokey eye.

HAIR GRAND CATEGORY 01 - 1280x1348

Berry-Tastic. Youngblood Merlot Lip Liner paired with Youngblood Fever.

We would be remiss not to give shout outs to the amazing partners and professionals who joined us for this amazing collection. Behind the scenes, we planned, we scouted, we shopped, we cut, we colored, we waxed, and we polished. And, we’re SO THRILLED with the results.


Photography: Nick Fancher

Video: Broken Lightbulb Productions

Wardrobe: Wardrobe Therapy




Dying for the details on how to become a style chameleon this season? Stay tuned for more blogs to get inspired for all things beauty this Fall and Winter 2017. And if you’re already ready to schedule for something new and fun, SCHEDULE WITH US.