Double Duty: Mani/Pedi at.the.same.time!

Nancy Senior Master Nail Artist + Nail Coordinator 05.7.2018
Senior Master Nail Artist + Nail Coordinator 05.7.2018

Short on time, but need a mani AND pedi? Now, if you only have an hour, you don’t have to choose just one – you can treat yourself to both!

At PENZONE Salon + Spa Dublin, we just rolled out brand new dual mani/pedi services! Yep, you read that exactly right. A mani and pedi at.the.same.time! That’s four talented hands polishing you up to perfection. Talk about celebrity status. Our new service is designed for the guest on the go to make the most of your valuable time. You’ll  be able to book your favorite manicure with your favorite pedicure and be in and out in just one hour.

Pick from one of your faves – our GelColor Services, Signature Custom, Premier Custom, or even our Organic services for your mani or pedi. While your tootsies are getting the works – a soak, shape, smooth, and more – another nail artist will start in on your hands. One hand at a time, your nails will get the love they need – and, the perfect manicure of your choice. It’s like a little song and dance – and you’ll be the center of all the action.

A few mani/pedi pointers:

  • Due to the significant difference in time, Acrylics and Express Pedicure services can’t be booked as dual services.
  • Dual Mani/Pedi Services roll out with the opening of PENZONE Salon + Spa Dublin on May 9th. We have every intention of making these services available at ALL PENZONE salon locations – and soon! (Trust me, I’m at our Gahanna location and can’t wait to offer this amazing new service combo to my amazing guests!)

We’ll definitely keep you posted when Dual Services roll out to a location near you.

In the meantime, if you’re inspired for a little polish perfection, hop on our app or online booking and get yourself scheduled. After all, polished nails are never a bad idea.