Celebrate Fall with a PENZONE Pumpkin Spice Latte

PENZONE Innovation Team 09.23.2019
PENZONE Innovation Team

Hot or iced - it's your choice! Pick up the most festive beverage of the fall season -- a Crimson Cup pumpkin spice latte -- at PENZONE.

We love this time of year! Days shorten. Nights grow cooler. The morning air hints at autumn crispness soon to come.

PENZONE PSL: A Social Room Star

To continue our celebration of fall, our Social Rooms have a new seasonal menu item that is perfect to accessorize your trendy, new Fall look, Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Served hot or cold, this PENZONE pick contains just three premium ingredients: espresso, pumpkin sauce and milk. It’s a slice of Thanksgiving pumpkin pie paired with rich coffee flavor and a kick of caffeine.

Premium ingredients from Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea make the PENZONE PSL stand out. This award-winning local roaster is our partner for all things coffee.

(Hint, hint… if you’re looking for another Columbus-based seasonal sip, don’t forget to ask about our Brother’s Drake Apple Pie Mead!)

Creating True Beauty through Coffee+Community

We chose Crimson Cup for their exceptional coffee and because they express True Beauty in their business practices. The company motto, Coffee+Community, emphasizes their goal of fueling feelings of connection and belonging through coffee.

Roast Magazine named Crimson Cup its Macro Roaster of the Year in 2016. Judges called out Crimson Cup’s exceptional coffee quality and commitment to helping small coffee farmers thrive.

Coffee Lovers Helping Coffee Growers

Many small coffee farmers make only a few pennies – or less – for an average cup of java. Farmers fight commodity market pricing, disease, climate change and other obstacles to eke out a living. Sadly, many farmers are forced to sell their coffee at a loss or abandon coffee as a crop altogether.

Crimson Cup is helping to help change this equation through their Friend2Farmer direct trade program. Coffee buyers travel to meet coffee farmers in Central and South America, Africa and Asia. There, they help farmers improve the quality of their coffee so it brings a higher price. Crimson Cup pays an above-market price for the coffee and invests in projects like clean water, housing and education for workers.

Champions for Local Causes

Locally, Crimson Cup shares our dedication to community causes. Crimson Cup donates more than $89,000 annually to local causes and actively volunteers to support initiatives with The Cancer Support Community of Central Ohio and See Kids Dream.

You can enjoy your PENZONE PSL and other Social Room bar beverages knowing that every sip contributes to the wellbeing of communities at home and abroad. Plus, the awesome, award-winning coffee and other quality ingredients enhance your beauty from the inside out.