The Benefits of a Deep Tissue//Sports Massage

Mary Senior Master Massage Therapist 04.26.2016
Senior Master Massage Therapist 04.26.2016

Whether the Capital City Half Marathon or a zen yoga class, is in your future, a massage should be too!

A Deep Tissue//Sports Massage can be for a walker, marathoner, weekend warrior, cyclist, yogi, golfer or anyone with an active lifestyle. Long story short, just about everyone can benefit from a massage! Here, we’ve outlined the very benefits that your body gets from a Deep Tissue//Sports Massage.

After a workout, your muscles may have lactic acid build up, micro fiber tears or be fatigued. This is where massage comes into play.

With as little as 15 minutes of massage, pressure and tension can subside (an obvious benefit) and muscle strength can improve (fun-fact, right?).

Each massage starts with a consultation so we can be sure to customize the experience based on your needs. This allows us to work on any active trigger points (“knots”), helping to relieve any pain or dysfunction you may be experiencing.

As we progress through the service, your fibrous connective tissue and muscles will be softened to allow for the deeper muscles to be massaged and re-lengthened. Massage increases your overall circulation and helps increase the exchange of nutrients and waste of the muscles.

If you’re pounding the pavement this weekend at the Cap City 1/2 Marathon, or enjoying another activity of your choice, help your muscles recover and prepare (possibly) for your next workout. Schedule a massage with me today!

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