Do you desire longer, fuller hair? If you wish your hair had more volume or length, or just want extra hair for a wedding or event style, you’ll find an option that’s perfect for you with our hair extensions services at PENZONE Salons + Spas in Columbus, Ohio.

Quality hair extensions are the fast way to add length, texture, volume, and dimensional color to your hairstyle. With full hair extension services from one of our Columbus hair salons, you can achieve your hair goals.

hair extensions methods.

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Hand tied hair extensions are the perfect long-term solution that are next to invisible + the most comfortable to wear. We’ll place silicone beads onto strands of hair and then sew wefts of hair to the beads. Appointment times vary, but we’ll determine that during your consultation at one our six PENZONE Salon + Spa locations near you in Columbus, Ohio. Every 8-12 weeks we’ll refresh your haircut + color and move your wefts up to cover your regrowth. Well maintained hair can last up to six month to a year before needing to repurchase — making this the more expensive option, but also the longest lasting.

Before + after Hand Tied


Tape in Application

Tape in hair extensions are the best of both worlds – they can add volume and fill in thin areas or add overall length + volume throughout the full head. Small sections of your natural hair are taken and sandwiched between extensions using a medical grade adhesive. The application generally takes 30-60 minutes, but varies per person + their desired look. Every eight weeks we’ll want you to come in to one of our PENZONE Salon + Spa locations in Columbus, Ohio so we can move your sandwiches up to cover your regrowth – this is also a great time to freshen up your haircut + color.

Some guests find tape in hair extensions to be a little less comfortable than hand tied when trying to wear their hair up – they may not be ideal for those who are super athletic or prefer their hair in an upstyle. They’re a great option for someone looking for something sustainable as they last 6+ months, but are typically less expensive than hand tied hair extensions.

Before + after of tape in extensions


Clip in application

Clip in extensions are ideal for special occasions or periodic use to give you volume and fullness in minutes. We’ll clip the extension onto sections of your hair giving you dream hair in less than 15 minutes right at home. No maintenance or upkeep is required for clips ins making them the most affordable option.

Before + After Clip In


To begin your hair extension appointment, we’ll kick things off with a consultation at one of our six PENZONE Salon + Spa locations near you in Columbus, Ohio. This will allow us to find your perfect hair extension match. During your consultation, we’ll also color match + order your hair. Once the hair has arrived, we’ll schedule your appointment and apply your extensions – woo! We’ll also take this time to freshen up your haircut + color if needed. If you ordered clip in extensions, we’ll just do a quick 15-30 minute fitting appointment to tailor the extensions and answer any questions you may have.

Your dreams of length, texture, volume or dimensional color are right around the corner!

Our Hair Extension Application Knowledge

Many of our PENZONE Salon + Spa hair artists have undergone extensive training and have been certified to offer hair extension services.  As part of their training, our team members are given in-depth education on how to apply, style, and remove hair extensions. Their training includes how to educate you, so you get the most life out of your new extensions! Check out our Find Your Match tool to find your perfect extensions professional at one of our Columbus, Ohio salon locations.