The PENZONE Bar Experience

Heather Social Host 03.6.2019
Social Host 03.6.2019

Cheers! Get the scoop on a few of our Social Room faves.

We’ve all been there… running late because we had to go out of the way for our morning coffee. Luckily, our new PENZONE concepts have just the thing you’re looking for before a morning mani or after a long day of work — a bar! That’s right, we offer award-winning Crimson Cup coffee, your morning mimosa, clean cocktails, Wolf’s Ridge IPA, wine + grab-and-go food options. Let me give you the scoop on a few of my faves!



Infused with nitrogen bubbles and served straight from the tap, nitro cold brew offers up a rich + creamy texture with natural sweetness. It provides those in need of a caffeine fix a pick-me-up to enjoy the day ahead. And if you’re looking for that coffee buzz a little later in the afternoon, we also infuse nitro cold brew into our Nitro Manhattan Cocktail. If you like coffee + bourbon, this is the drink for you! For now, these delicious nitro drinks can be found exclusively at our Short North location.


cocktails + juices.

Our LIT Tonico cocktail + mimosa both use cold pressed juice from local plant-based purveyor, & Juice Co. We know that nutrition and external beauty are closely linked, so went right to the experts.

And boy do our friends at this handcrafted, Columbus-based micro – juicery know their stuff! “[They] use small batch methods to retain the highest level of vitamins, minerals and enzymes from the best quality, all natural, raw ingredients. [Their] juices have no additives, no preservatives and are uniquely formulated and left unpasteurized for optimum nutrition and taste. You will love the way they taste, and the way you feel!”

We’re quick to apply cleansers, creams, and oils to our exterior body, but what’s going on underneath is just as (if not more!) important.


sweet + savory.

And, the food! Beyond cold pressed juice, & Juice Co. also provides us with sweet treats, savory bites + full meals. Our rotating menu features vegan choices and the option to add organic, grass-fed protein to your leafy green goodness. There’s nothing worse than heading to your hair appointment after work and not having a chance to grab a bite to eat before. Now, we have everything all under one roof — just for you!


Trying to plan out the perfect meal or get a better idea of what we have to offer? Stop by to taste test or check out a few of my suggestions here!


food + drink pairing ideas.


Mango Slices + Iced Vanilla Latte (take your pick between almond or 2%).


Overnight Oats + PENZONE Mocha.


Wrap (vegan or protein option) + Mimosa.


Peanut Butter Choco Bites + Nitro Manhattan.



And, that’s a wrap! At PENZONE Dublin, Short North + (soon to be!) Gahanna, we’re here to serve you up your choice of hand-crafted lattes and signature cocktails. Visit me during your next appointment or just stop in and spend time at the bar.


Can’t wait to see you soon!