New to PENZONE: Mazz Hanna CBD

Mazz Hanna 11.10.2020
Mazz Hanna

The Mazz Hanna brand was built on passion, quality, and integrity, and each small batch of their CBD product is lovingly handcrafted. Read on to find out more!

Mazz Hanna Clarity Mist CBD

about mazz, the founder.

Hi everyone – Mazz, here! Where do I begin? Let’s just say that five years ago I wasn’t smiling like I am in the picture above. I was working as a Creative Director at an advertising agency in Los Angeles, a very “cool” sounding job that in reality was crippling me with uncontrollable anxiety and stress. Being a crystal lover since childhood, I always found myself turning my crystals and asking them to help me find the courage and guidance to do something else. And then one day I had a panic attack that served as my wakeup call.

I was on a flight home from a client meeting in San Francisco when I suddenly lost my vision, couldn’t breathe, and thought I was dying. It was one of the scariest and most embarrassing experiences of my life and it happened in front of a plane full of people.

the crystal healing manicure™.

After that episode, I decided to leave my decade long career in advertising and quit my job the next day. I decided that if I was going to start my life over at 35, it had to be for the two things I was the most passionate about; crystals and nails. I became obsessed with the idea of bringing these two things together. I knew that if this was something I needed, that other women needed it too. While everyone else around me thought I was crazy, I knew that this was what I was meant to do. I created something called the Crystal Healing Manicure™. During this ritual, I would assess my clients’ chakras and make custom products with different essential oils and crystals based on their energetic needs. I would then use these products during the service, and then give them a beautiful manicure, complete with crystals attached to their nails.

Mazz Hanna Cuticle Oil CBD

The universe then presented its first of many gifts to me, representation by the top Nail Artist agency in Los Angeles, Nailing Hollywood. I quickly began working with A-list clientele and incorporated crystals into all of my treatments. The Crystal Healing Manicure™ quickly gained the attention of beauty editors and Hollywood elite. Before I knew it, people wanted to buy these products I was creating for my treatments, and then the Mazz Hanna brand was born.

When a brand has your name on it, you hold it to a high standard. I can proudly say that our customers always tell us that the passion and love can be felt inside each and every bottle.

magically crafted clean beauty.

Since the brand launched a little over two years ago, we’ve been featured in over 200 press outlets and have won an Elle Beauty Genius award, and a New Beauty Award for best cuticle oil, among others. Our products are made from the highest quality and ethically sourced ingredients on the planet, from the essential oils to the crystals. Our full-spectrum CBD is sourced from one of the first certified organic hemp farms in the country, and the quality can be felt in each of our products. Our products are also organic, cruelty free, and lab-tested to ensure potency + purity.

Mazz Hanna Rose Quartz

a dream came true.

I’m proof that when hard work + passion come together, anything is possible. Now that I have found my divine path, it has become my passion to help others find theirs. I truly believe that my products can help everyone tap into the magic inside of themselves. And when that magic is activated, amazing things can happen.

Now it’s time for you to give our new CBD products a try! Scoop up some Mazz Hanna products at a PENZONE Salon + Spa near you!