Beauty Bar: Our New Skincare Experience

Melody Kuck Senior Master Esthetician + Makeup Artist 05.7.2018
Melody Kuck
Senior Master Esthetician + Makeup Artist 05.7.2018

Our Beauty Zone offers unique new experiences in hair, skincare, and more -- right from our welcome zone. Experience, learn, and just be at PENZONE Salon + Spa.

Keeping with our community vibe, our Beauty Zone is in our welcome area. You’ll walk right in, grab a free sip (that’s right, a free infused spa water, Crimson Cup coffee or iced tea), and skip on over for our latest beauty innovation — and yes, right out in the open.

Let’s just get down to the facts here. We all have our own set of skincare challenges. There’s no need to be embarrassed about getting a quick facial wax, threading service, or a facial or mask at the Beauty Bar. Truth is, we’ll offer most of these services in our spa rooms, too. BUT, the Beauty Zone offers the unique opportunity for a quick add-on service while you’re here for hair, nails, or massage. It’s amazing how those perfectly shaped or tinted brows make that fresh cut and color look even better!

Unique Beauty Bar Services

There are also a few services unique to our Beauty Bar. Get a new skin mask in a matter of 1o minutes. If you have just a little more time than that, opt for our Bar Facial. Get in – get out – and get ALL the benefits of a facial in under 30 minutes and for only $48. Talk about efficiency.

We can’t wait to share the excitement of a bridal party as they get airbrushed to perfection on the perfect wedding weekend at our Beauty Bar. We envision mid-day learning sessions here. I mean, if one of our esthis is dishing out tips on how to get those brows just right, or a 101 on summer skincare, would you not want to scoot on over and get the scoop? We hope you do just that.

Beauty Labs

We also plan to use this area for Beauty Labs. We envision these sessions to introduce you to new services, give you hands on tips, and most importantly, give you the chance to learn from our team on how you can feel your best — from the outside in. Speaking of, mark your calendars! Our next Beauty Lab: PEELS + PINOT is on Friday, September 28th from 6-7:30pm. For just $35, you can get all the FAQs about peels — plus, a glass of pinot! You’ll also be able to enjoy 25% off any skincare purchases that evening — or, when you get yourself back here to enjoy your peel service.

For our full run-down of Beauty Bar Services, we popped our menu in, below. You’re able to book these babies right here on our website or our app. Under skin + massage category, find our full listing of Beauty Bar Services and book your little hearts out!

Here’s to loving the skin you’re in!

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